Saffron Ember is a brand continuum

of motion design, visual effects and all the beliefs, adventures and determinations of Blaise & Kyle hossain. We create compelling, award winning 3D environmental motion design worlds as well as user interface visual effects that are tailored for a variety of feature films, shorts, main title sequences, motion logos, and trailer logo reveals. We make memorable content for both live action and fully CG applications ranging from studio features to independent film, streaming and television projects.

I believe that the best work and play are achieved when we all work together in a open, honest and creatively conducive environment. I am also proud that I care equally as much about process and product. I look forward to collaborating on some truly incendiary creative pursuits, whatever form they may take. I’m mostly based in Los Angeles, but I will go wherever a worthy project will take me.

As an aside, Blaise & Kyle are one person— me! Kyle is my birth name, but I go by Blaise in an interpersonal context. I’ll tell you how I acquired the name when I meet you- don’t let me forget ;] Thanks for taking the time to read all this- 2 points for you :]

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Blaise Hossain

Art Director / Designer / Animator

Motion Design & Visual Effects   |



Award winning designer/animator looking for high-end motion design and visual effects projects. Has strong hands-on filmmaking/cinematic approach to solving complex, multidisciplinary design & animation challenges. Can work independently or effectively art direct team of creatives with strict resource limitations and deadlines. Successfully communicates & collaborates on high concept visual effects jobs that are composited with live action footage or finished as conceptually styled pieces.



- Adobe Creative Suite (After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator)

- Cinema4D Studio (Mograph, X-Particles, VRayforC4D, Thrausi) 

- Proficient in all aspects of Pre-Production, Production and Post Production process.

- Manual Photography (landscape/street/travel).

- Proficient in Spanish



Bachelor of Arts - University of Southern California, School of Cinematic Arts. Film Production. 2003


Work Experience:

The Hideaway Entertainment - Art Director/Designer/Animator. static and motion Logo development-animation. (Freelance: Mar - May 2018).

Time Freak – Creative Lead for UI design and animation for the feature film. Created at Aspect (Jan - Aug 2017)

Aspect – Senior Art Director. (Aug. 2014 -Dec. 2017)

After We Leave – Visual Effects Supervisor for the feature film (post production) 2018. (freelance: 2015-2018)

Imaginary Forces – Designer/Animator/texture artist. Transformers 4  teaser, Dracula Year 0  teaser, Oral B 30 second spot. (Freelance: Jan 2014)

Robocop – UI Animator/compositor for the feature film. (Method Design Studios). (freelance: Sept.  2013 - Dec 2013)

National Geographic – Designer/Animator. Graphics package for Awesome Animals (Evolver). (Freelance: Aug. 2013)

Nissan – Designer/Animator. Nissan 360 logo animation (Cyberia Media). (Freelance: Jun.- Jul. 2013)

The Academy Museum – Designer/Animator. Museum interface visual effects concept (OOOii). (Freelance: Apr. 2013)

Star Trek Into Darkness – Animator. Feature film user interface visual effects (OOOii). (Freelance: Nov. 2012. - Apr. 2013)

Evolver Creative – Designer/Animator. Sacrifice trailer/ Finding Joe trailer main titles. (June 2012 - Aug. 2013)

Blue Rock Films – Designer/Animator for Razor Scooter TV:30 visual effects. (June- Sept. 2012)

Wild Card AV – Designer/Animator. Man of Steel theatrical trlr. logo reveal visual effects. (Freelance: Feb. - June 2012). 

Giant Slice Prod. – Designer/Animator for introduction animation. (Sept.- Oct. 2011). 

Open Road – Senior Designer/Animator. The Dark Knight Rises logo reveal visual effects. (Freelance: Jan. 2011- Aug. 2011). 

Game On – (short film, Never Say Never) – Stereoscopic HUD motion graphics. Designer/ animator/compositor. (January 2011)  

Mob Scene Creative + Prod. – Art Director/ Head of Motion Graphics (Staff: Feb. 2007 – Jan. 2011). 

Five Star Day – (feature film) – Main title sequence. Designer/Animator. (Freelance: Jul. 2009).

Afterglow – (short film)- Visual Effects. Designer/Animator/Compositor (Sept. 2008)

The Ant Farm – Designer/Animator (Freelance: Jan.-Feb 2007). Creative Director Jon Berkowitz

Picture Mill – Animator. (Freelance: Dec. 2006, Mar 2014)

Ignition – Designer/Animator (Freelance: Sep. - Oct. 2006)

Seismic Prods. – Senior Designer/Animator (Freelance: Aug. - Sept. 2006). Art Director James Huang

Aspect Ratio – Junior Designer/Animator (Feb. 2004- Aug. 2006). Creative Director Jon Teschner

Outside – (short film) Main title, opening animation sequence. Co-designer/Animator/Compositor (Sept. 2008)

Avatar Labs – Junior Designer/Animator (Freelance – Aug. 2003). Creative Director Rex Cook

Craig Murray Prods.- JuniorDesigner/Animator(Freelance:Jun.2003).ArtDirectorRussHonican



Gold Key Art - Best Teaser for Streaming of Broadcast, Jessica Jones Date announcement "Dreams" (Oct. 2016).

Golden Trailer – Most Original Trailer, The Dark Knight Rises teaser 1 (June 2012)

Silver Key Art – Motion Graphics/Visual Effects, The Dark Knight Rises teaser (October 2011).

Telly Award – Visual Effects, Razor YoYo :30 TV spot (March 2011)

Golden Trailer – Original value added material, Planet Pandora Featurette (Avatar) (June 2010)

Golden Trailer Award – Best independent teaser One-Sheet, Transsiberian (June 2009).