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Blaise Hossain

Art Director / Designer / Animator

Motion Design & Visual Effects   |



Award winning designer/animator looking for high-end motion design and visual effects projects. Has strong hands-on filmmaking/cinematic approach to solving complex, multidisciplinary design & animation challenges. Can work independently or effectively art direct team of creatives with strict resource limitations and deadlines. Successfully communicates & collaborates on high concept visual effects jobs that are composited with live action footage or finished as conceptually styled pieces.



- Adobe Creative Suite (After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator) / Cinema4D Studio (Mograph, X-Particles, VRayforC4D, Thrausi) 

- Manual Photography (still and live action). Lighting and retouching.

- Proficient in all aspects of Pre-Production, Production and Post Production process.

- Fluent in Spanish



Bachelor of Arts - University of Southern California, School of Cinematic Arts. Film Production. 2003


Work Experience:

Aspect – Senior Art Director. (Aug. 2014 -Dec. 2017)

After We Leave – Visual Effects Supervisor for the feature film (post production) 2018. (freelance: 2015-2018)

Imaginary Forces – Designer/Animator/texture artist. Transformers 4  teaser, Dracula Year 0  teaser, Oral B 30 second spot. (Freelance: Jan 2014)

Robocop – UI Animator/compositor for the feature film. (Method Design Studios). (freelance: Sept.  2013 - Dec 2013)

National Geographic – Designer/Animator. Graphics package for Awesome Animals (Evolver). (Freelance: Aug. 2013)

Nissan – Designer/Animator. Nissan 360 logo animation (Cyberia Media). (Freelance: Jun.- Jul. 2013)

The Academy Museum – Designer/Animator. Museum interface visual effects concept (OOOii). (Freelance: Apr. 2013)

Star Trek Into Darkness – Animator. Feature film user interface visual effects (OOOii). (Freelance: Nov. 2012. - Apr. 2013)

Evolver Creative – Designer/Animator. Sacrifice trailer/ Finding Joe trailer main titles. (June 2012 - Aug. 2013)

Blue Rock Films – Designer/Animator for Razor Scooter TV:30 visual effects. (June- Sept. 2012)

Wild Card AV – Designer/Animator. Man of Steel theatrical trlr. logo reveal visual effects. (Freelance: Feb. - June 2012). 

Giant Slice Prod. – Designer/Animator for introduction animation. (Sept.- Oct. 2011). 

Open Road – Senior Designer/Animator. The Dark Knight Rises logo reveal visual effects. (Freelance: Jan. 2011- Aug. 2011). 

Game On – (short film, Never Say Never) – Stereoscopic HUD motion graphics. Designer/ animator/compositor. (January 2011)  

Mob Scene Creative + Prod. – Art Director/ Head of Motion Graphics (Staff: Feb. 2007 – Jan. 2011). 

Five Star Day – (feature film) – Main title sequence. Designer/Animator. (Freelance: Jul. 2009).

Afterglow – (short film)- Visual Effects. Designer/Animator/Compositor (Sept. 2008)

The Ant Farm – Designer/Animator (Freelance: Jan.-Feb 2007). Creative Director Jon Berkowitz

Picture Mill – Animator. (Freelance: Dec. 2006)

Ignition – Designer/Animator (Freelance: Sep. - Oct. 2006)

Seismic Prods. – Senior Designer/Animator (Freelance: Aug. - Sept. 2006). Art Director James Huang

Aspect Ratio – Junior Designer/Animator (Feb. 2004- Aug. 2006). Creative Director Jon Teschner

Outside – (short film) Main title, opening animation sequence. Co-designer/Animator/Compositor (Sept. 2008)

Avatar Labs – Junior Designer/Animator (Freelance – Aug. 2003). Creative Director Rex Cook

Craig Murray Prods.- JuniorDesigner/Animator(Freelance:Jun.2003).ArtDirectorRussHonican



Gold Key Art - Best Teaser for Streaming of Broadcast, Jessica Jones Date announcement "Dreams" (Oct. 2016).

Golden Trailer – Most Original Trailer, The Dark Knight Rises teaser 1 (June 2012)

Silver Key Art – Motion Graphics/Visual Effects, The Dark Knight Rises teaser (October 2011).

Telly Award – Visual Effects, Razor YoYo :30 TV spot (March 2011)

Golden Trailer – Original value added material, Planet Pandora Featurette (Avatar) (June 2010)

Golden Trailer Award – Best independent teaser One-Sheet, Transsiberian (June 2009).